Forest Growth Models


Forest Growth Models

This site contains a collection of links to available computer programs that simulate forest growth. It lists models of which information is available on the internet. Originally, I set up this site as part of a course in which I studied the construction and application of such models. The course was part of my Msc-programme at Wageningen University in Forest and Nature Conservation. Later, I build a second version using PHP to write a database driven site. The current iteration is a Django application, which I made in order to learn to use this Python web framework. The new 'app' makes adjusting the content very easy, but the sites usefulness will largely depend on its users and their input. I personally do not use forest growth models (no computer programs anyway) in my current job and thus won't come across new developments.

Using the site

Perhaps you noticed form the above that I use this site as my personal web development playground. For example, the current site uses the HTML5 and CSS3. These are future technologies which are not fully supported in todays browsers. Some browsers support them better than others, which is why I recommend using a Webkit (e.g. Safari) or Gecko (e.g. Firefox) based browser.

Feedback and submitting links or models

Please contact me using the contact form if you have any remarks or suggestions. Feedback is much appreciated! You are kindly invited to also use this form when you which to submit a new model or an additional link to this website.

~ Etiƫnne Thomassen