Forest Growth Models


TRIPLEX is a generic hybrid model of forest growth and carbon and nitrogen dynamics, developed based on three well-establisher process model, i.e. 3-PG (Landsberg and Waring, 1997), TREEDYN3.0 (Bossel, 1996) and CENTURY4.0 (Parton et al., 1993). The model is intended to be comprehensive without becoming complex, and minimizes the number of input parameters required, while capturing key processes and important interactions between the carbon and nitrogen cycles of forest ecosystems. It is designed as a hybrid of both empirical and mechanistic components that can be used for 1) making forest management decisions (e.g., growth and yield prediction), 2) quantifying forest carbon budgets, and 3) assessing the effects of climate change in both the short and long term. In addition, TRIPLEX simulates average stand characteristics rather than those of individual trees. It is designed to develop as a generic model that can be parameterized for even- or uneven-age coniferous and broad-leaved species at any geographical location and for different soil and climate conditions. Modelling processes of TRIPLEX are described in details by Peng et al. (2002). [source website]